CSGO 500 Promo Codes & Deals

With one of the best user interfaces of any CSGO roulette site, CSGO 500 is a great way to try your luck at roulette. CSGO 500 has withdraw support for CSGO, Dota 2, VGO and cryptocurrency.

More fun game modes

Although it began as a roulette site, CSGO 500 has expanded to add two other fun game modes for you to try.

Crash - Play traditional crash games and beat the timer. CSGO 500 features an 'Autobetter' option which will play each around for you. Set a base bet and max amounts and then let the auto better place each round bet and cash out at your desired amount.

Duels - Duels is a game mode where you compete against 1-3 other players. Each has an equal chance of winning the pot. Once all players have joined, a winner is selected. The winner takes all from the pot, minus a 5% house cut. Join an existing Duel game or create your own to get started.

How to level up

You gain a new level for every 50,000 bux played in Duels and Roulette game modes. Leveling up your CSGO 500 account unlocks higher daily rewards.

Free coins everyday

CSGO 500 has a daily reward feature which will give you free bux every day after completing a captcha. Your reward increases based on your account level. The higher your level, the bigger your daily reward.

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