CSGO Live Promo Codes & Deals

CSGO Live is a case opening site with many cases to choose from. With support for custom cases, you can even build one so you always win exactly what you are after!

Free daily cases

Visit CSGO Live each day to take advantage of the daily free case. Each day you can open it for your chance to win a vIRL or VGO item. Some of the current items to win include a Blackberry, graphics card, Canon DSLR camera and Nike shoes.

Make money with the CSGO Live Case Creator

You can make money through CSGO Live's Case Creator. Simply create a new case and set the 'Affiliate Cut' percentage to your desired amount. You can set up to a maximum 3% cut on each case. Then if someone opens your case you will earn that affiliate cut percentage on every case opening. You can even share a link to your case with your friends so they can have a go at opening your new case!

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