Dat Drop Promo Codes & Deals

Dat Drop began life as a CSGO case opening site, but now days operates with ETH cryptocurrency withdrawals. Open a vast array of cases to win various skins. Then cash them all out for ETH. Use the Dat Drop promo code to get a deposit bonus on your first deposit.

Cashing out winnings from Dat Drop

DatDrop has a unique withdraw system, where your CSGO skins winnings are not sent to you directly. Instead you can cashout for Ethereum cryptocurrency for the equivalent value of the CSGO skins. The Ethereum can be sent directly to WaxPeer / Bitskins / TradeIt / Skinbay / LootBear or other trading sites, where you can use the credit to buy your desired CS:GO skins. From there you can withdraw to your Steam account. The advantage of this is you never need to worry about your winnings being in stock. You can always withdraw your ETH when you need too.

Compete in case battles

Battle Opening is a multiplayer case opening game mode, letting you compete against other players to win skins. Creating a new case battle is easy. Simply click "Create Battle" and then select which cases you'd like to include. The $ amount will change based on the selected cases. Choose the amount of players from 2 - 4 and then hit create to start. Once the game is full, a winner will be chosen who will win all the skins from the cases in the battle!

Dat Drop also supports private case battles. This lets you share a link with your friends to your case battle game. They can then compete against you for all the winnings.

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