Zorgo Games Promo Codes & Deals

Zorgo Games is a new venture from the creators of the popular CSGO case opening case DatDrop. Zorgo Games is a cryptocurrency casino featuring a bunch of games to play to win crypto.

Fun games to try

Zorgo Games has different game modes to try out. Play traditional games such as Blackjack, Jackpot or Coinflip. Or have a go at the new Gems game mode where 3 players go head to head to win the pot. In Gems, each player places a bet and then the round begins immediately. A winner is selected at random, with each players % chance of winning corresponding to their initial bet size. It's a fast and fun way to win some crypto against other players.

Get free crypto each day

Zorgo Games has a free daily faucet which you can claim to earn some ethereum. The faucet can be claimed by anyone who hasn't played a game in the last 5 days, regardless of your balance.

There's also a cashback program which allows you to get 10% of the House Edge taken from your wagers for the previous day. The more you wager, the bigger the free cashback.

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