Crash Sites

Crash has quickly become one of the most popular forms of CSGO gambling. With it's high risk/high reward, it's a thrilling and fun way to wager. Use our list of CSGO Crash sites to find the best sites with promos and codes to get started playing today.

A crash course in crash games

Crash is a simple game to play, but requires a lot of nerve. First, select your amount to wager. Secondly, choose your cash out multiplier. Then finally, wait for the next game round to begin. If the game doesn't crash before your multiplier is reached, you win!

A few tips to get you going

Always use the "auto" feature if the site has one and set your "stop at" multiplier before the round starts. This will completely take lag out of the equation. There's nothing worse than crashing out due to slow internet even though you were frantically hitting the stop button!

Don't be fooled by the past history. If the last 5 games have all crashed at 1.x, that doesn't mean there is a higher chance the next round will reach 10x. Each new round is completely random.

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