Jackpot Sites

Jackpot is the original and classic skins gambling game mode. It's an exciting way to put your skins on the line with the chance to win skins from your friends and other players. With varying pot sizes and a multitude of jackpot sites to play at there's always new jackpot codes and promos available to get your playing fast!

How to play CSGO Jackpot

The first step is to add your skins to the pot. Your percentage (%) winning chance increases based on the value of the items you added to the pot. Eg. if you added a $5 CSGO skin and your opponent also added a $5 skin, you would have a 50% winning chance. Once everyone has added their items, the round will start and a winner will be picked. If you're picked, you will win all the items in the pot (minus any house cut).

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