Case Opening Sites

There's now a huge range of case opening sites available for you to try. Whether it be CSGO skins, VGO/vIRL items, game keys or loot boxes, there are case opening sites for every niche! Some sites have even introduced new and exciting ways to open cases, including case battles. Be sure to check out all the promos below and grab your free case opening codes and unlock some new loot today!

Case opening basics

Each case or "loot box" as they are sometimes known, may contain one of many different items or skins. By opening that particular case, you have a chance at winning one of the items it holds. When you open a case, the item picker will spin and eventually land on your winning item. Most CSGO case opening sites will then let you either sell your winning item back or withdraw it from the system. Selling your winning item back will let you play on with the profits and open more cases!

Picking the best case opening sites

Not all case sites are equal! The best sites will let you view the percentage % odds of which items will appear. This lets you know exactly what chances you have of winning a particular item. Other things that set the great sites apart are regular discounts, promo codes and loyalty systems. Sites will often offer you free cases after you level up your account. This can be a nice reward after you've opened a lot of cases!

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